Treat People Like Partners, Not Clients

No one wants to be a client.

At Chek Creative, we work hard to make the best digital products for the people who need them. We’ve made apps, websites, games, subscription platforms... that's part of being a web and mobile development company. Also operating as a small business means that we have to work overtime to set ourselves apart. At Chek Creative, that means working with all the moving parts that go into our digital products—think photos, copywriting, graphic design, coding, and more. If someone needs to find a web developer in Columbus, we want to be able to raise our hand and say we have the best value right here, bar none.

Each day, our team wakes up and tackles the next task, even if it seems as mundane as coding the space between paragraphs on a homepage or adjusting how many words go into a paragraph. Why? Because we know that the people we working with give the same level of care, energy, and passion to what they do.

In this day and age, a company’s website is the new storefront. Professional website development can help anyone in any industry, and for many of these businesses, there isn’t anything more important. Unfortunately, the universally accepted value of our industry has led some Columbus web design companies to adopt a less than personable approach to their work. This is the second way we make an effort to set ourselves apart for our partners.

It's why we use the term "partners" in the first place. We’re hesitant to refer to the people we work with as “clients.” It feels too sterile. Way too many web development companies, creative digital agencies, and the like view a client as just one more task to complete. The money comes in, a website goes out. The relationship, if there was one at all, ends the moment the job is finished.

Chek Creative believes that business should be more than a transaction. Businesses and the people who run them deserve the best products and highest quality work ethic we can offer. Healthy organizations should have warm relationships with the people and communities around them. That’s why we prefer to make a distinction between people we develop relationships with (partners), and those in more run-of-the-mill web development relationships at bigger companies (clients).

Clients ask for a service, hand over the money, and get a result. Hopefully it's what they wanted. Partners present an idea, explore that idea with our team, and experience a personal approach to their final product. Partners can expect ongoing value and support. Clients can expect to be forgotten. It may sound stark, but in our experience that's the way it works. We make sure our partners receive a product that reflects who they are — their unique values. Too often, a client just gets another cookie from the cookie cutter.

When we first started offering modern website development as a business, we noticed that way too many web development companies were taking advantage of people: exploiting the public's lack of experience to charge more and give back less than what they deserve. From day one, we decided we never want to be associated with an experience like that.

Instead, Chek Creative wants you to understand the impact of your investment. We look to be transparent and communicative with you. When your product is finished, you can expect us to cheer as loudly as (or sometimes louder than) you do. We'll blog about you, post on our social profiles, etc. It's not a gimmick: when our partners have success, so do we. That's the partnership mentality. And you'll always be a partner in our books.

Interested in a web development partnership with Chek Creative? Maybe you're looking for a way to turn your big idea into the next big platform? In any event, shoot us an email and we'll put some time (100% free) on the calendar to start the conversation!

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