Lessons Learned: Flavvr and PDC

Anyone in the technology industry can attest: every development project you do becomes a never-ending series of lessons. From a technical standpoint, we learned a lot on our early projects. But it wasn’t all coding.

We had a ton of fun building the Prestige Dining Club app and it was beyond rewarding when we finally finished it. But there was one thing that Chek Creative learned that stands out as the most important: going the extra mile is always worth it.

Shortcuts sound appealing. There’s a chance that you could save time and maybe a few bucks, but the harsh reality is that you miss out on learning opportunities and open yourself up to problems down the road. Taking a shortcut with a plugin over here or a cheap patch over there strips away the opportunity to build a quality product from the ground up.

And why is that worthwhile? Because hard work on one project makes things easier on the next. Any project you do, whether it’s an app, a website, or somewhere in between, carries over to the next one. At Chek Creative, we aren’t interested in churning out cookie-cutter products, we’re interested in mastering our craft so that anyone who works with us gets the best service possible. For a web development company with a partnership focus, there’s nothing more rewarding than that.

When you work with Chek Creative to build your app or website, you can trust that your product is the result of committed effort and continual pride in our work.

What We Learned From Developing Flavvr

Tech development leads to personal development

Chek Creative got its wings from Flavvr. We didn't just dip our toes into app development. We created the platform on the investment and trust of an entirely new startup. When we jumped into Flavvr, it was headfirst.

Taking on a project as big as Flavvr was fun, but that doesn’t mean it was easy. On our end, we were faced with building an app from the ground up and were stretched with deadlines. We balanced this with the pressure of helping grow Flavvr as a brand and business—creating content, forming business strategies, and meeting sales goals.

And that was just the business side of things.

From a personal standpoint, our entire team developed a new level of trust in one another and in our clients. Where we once sought autonomy and held each other to too high of standards, we’ve build unity and patience. It’s true—the best friendships are formed by fire.

Those two words, unity and patience, translate perfectly into Chek Creative’s method when developing the Flavvr App. We learned that we had to trust each other to make the extra effort. We had the patience to learn what we needed to and the unity to pull it off. As a result, building Flavvr was the most rewarding thing our team has done yet.

From Idea To App—Planning Flavvr

Building an app from scratch isn’t something where you shoot from the hip or wing it. There has to be more to it than that.

Chek Creative spent long Sunday afternoons planning Flavvr before development even started. Any given app, no matter how simple, has hundreds, maybe thousands of variables. It was difficult to sort through them all.

We asked questions. Lots of them. Who would decide what front-end framework to use? How would more complex components affect page loading? How about a year from now? Would we choose to hire a designer fulltime, or reach into our network of freelancers to get the branding done earlier?

Naturally, as a newly minted, full-time web development company, this was a lot for Chek Creative to take on. If we’re being honest, it made us anxious. We were the trusted resource for every answer, even though the answers were often unclear. It took time to become comfortable with each of our early decisions and how they would impact the Flavvr product roadmap. It took time to build the confidence we needed. But we kept pushing.

Ultimately, these uncertainties grew our problem-solving skills for the better. Building Flavvr gave us the opportunity to cultivate a strong connection inside the Chek Creative team that remains long after the project's end. We feel confident that our experience planning Flavvr was invaluable. We can’t wait to see how it impacts the way we plan our next project.

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