3 Amazing Digital Tools for Building and Real Estate Industry Websites

Disclosure: This article includes affiliate links for each plugin below. Chek Creative will be compensated if you buy, but we only promote products we find damn useful in our own work.

When you're getting dressed for a night out, destination and social company both matter. A third date at the symphony should send you to a different part of the wardrobe than bowling on Friday with your buddies from high school. Websites are the same way. A quality website development company will take into consideration both target market and industry context when planning your website. Choosing the right digital tools is a good place to start, so let's examine how some of our favorites can cater to the specific needs of those in the building and real estate industry.

1.) WPForms

Main Purpose: Lead Generation Management

Converting leads is crucial to locking homebuyers in and landing construction contracts. So how do you set up a site to manage lead generation?

WPForms consolidates all those scattered leads and displays them on a straightforward entry management platform. Where you go from there is up to you.

  • Customize instant lead notifications to trigger an email to any team member(s), or even switch notifications off for certain leads.
  • Integrate with virtually anything. Zapier, Spreadsheets, ConvertKit, Mailchimp… you name it and WPForms is set up to sync with it. Check out a full list of add-ons and other features here.

2.) SmartCrawl Pro

Main Purpose: SEO

It may help if your website shows up in search engines, right? Pretty tough to convert traffic that never finds you. SmartCrawl Pro and Beehive Pro (below) are two plugins that exist within the WPMU Dev universe. Each brings a list of abilities you won't want your site to go without.

  • Smartcrawl Pro lets business owners save valuable time and/or cut down on costs with a one-click optimization process.
  • Get credit for shares by linking social media accounts. You can also individualize your company's social presence with OpenGraph.
  • With a Moz account, users can receive stats and competition reports to the dashboard (will work with both free and paid versions).

These are a small sample of SmartCrawl's features. If you aren't convinced, just scroll to the bottom of this plugin's page for a whopping 40 features.

SEO Honorable Mention: For those on a budget, Yoast's freemium option is worth checking out. As a creative website design and SEO company in Columbus, we give Yoast two thumbs up for anyone looking to save in this area of development.

3.) Beehive Pro

Main Purpose: Google Analytics

Individual conversions carry more weight in the real estate industry than in almost any other industry. As you know, a single project or buyer can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Beehive Pro lets users keep tabs on site metrics while harnessing the considerable might of Google Analytics.

  • The "Easy-Connect Wizard" can set you up to get rolling with Google Analytics almost instantaneously. Start pulling user engagement data that will help shape your success from day one.
  • Analyze key SEO factors like who visits your site, when they do it, and where they come from.

Building a "good website" isn't always good enough. Ensuring that a website is dressed for the right occasion is the only way to guarantee it will be well received. That's where industry-specific, modern website development comes into play!

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